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Broad Street Network is a full service WordPress design and development firm. With extensive experience in WordPress plugin, Wordpress theme and Wordpress integration development, employing industry standard best practices, we deliver the plan, the site and the expertise to drive your success online.

Search by Letter

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In this simple little tutorial we tinker with Formidable Pro filters and advanced search options to sort/filter the results of submitted data by first letter of some field. In this case we are going to create a form that populates a small directory of First and Last names and allow you to click a link and filter results by that letter. Is a little thing but you’d be surprised how these little things can be less than immediately obvious. […]

Robert Keenan, President

2013-04-07T06:48:14+00:00 Categories: Partners|

Traction Media Group Founder and President Robert Keenan is an award-winning multimedia producer and online marketing strategy consultant to major corporations in Canada and US. He and his company Traction Media Group provide solutions ranging from e-commerce, to Customer Relationship Management, Sales Force Automation and content management, and online creative programs to a host of corporations.  The company is focused on solving practical business challenges in the realm of sales generation, audience retention and actionable data analytics, and can provide end-to-end digital media strategies for companies looking to utilize the newest media in their core businesses and marketing initiatives.

Christopher Bak, XRAY Communications

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XRAY Communications and Traction Media Group undertake client projects in a strategic alliance that draws expertise from their complementary backgrounds. Christopher Bak has successfully designed, developed and managed critical applications and high volume networks for over 15 years for companies such as Apple Computer Inc., Scotia Bank, Novartis, Ford, and Sears. His deep understanding and experience in business, technology, communications and the arts provides a valuable perspective into the rapidly evolving landscape of communication technology and an ability to recognize technology and business trends long before they attract public attention. As the driving force behind XRAY Communications’ (XRAY) innovative approach [...]

Brandy Dean, Pretty Clever Things

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Brandy Dean is a published author, journalist, copy-writer, social media and digital marketing strategist  whose experience includes a strong foundation in corporate brand development. With her accumulated expertise in writing, marketing, and technology, Ms. Dean launched Pretty Clever Things, a social media and marketing consultancy which specializes in adapting Fortune 500 marketing strategies to the specific needs of entrepreneurs using social media tools and strategies. Applying both her copywriting skills and her extensive marketing knowledge, she helps businesses identify their marketing goals, find a targeted audience, and manage an intimate and productive relationship with that audience. She provides analysis of [...]

Online Promotions: Strategy, Execution and Engagement

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Canadian Made Case Study Traction Media Group produced the Canadian Made Website and connected social media campaign for Primitive Entertainment & History Channel. The assignment was to create and initiate a publicity campaign using email marketing, social media networks to promote the television broadcast of Canadian Made series on History Television.   The plan included the creation of the technical infrastructure, social media tools and editorial voice of the campaign to get it ramped up quickly.  The team worked quickly to get an initial audience base on the social media platforms (destination website, Facebook, Twitter etc.) and worked with Primitive Entertainment to deliver [...]