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Online Promotions: Strategy, Execution and Engagement

Canadian Made Case Study

Traction Media Group produced the Canadian Made Website and connected social media campaign for Primitive Entertainment & History Channel. The assignment was to create and initiate a publicity campaign using email marketing, social media networks to promote the television broadcast of Canadian Made series on History Television.  

The plan included the creation of the technical infrastructure, social media tools and editorial voice of the campaign to get it ramped up quickly.  The team worked quickly to get an initial audience base on the social media platforms (destination website, Facebook, Twitter etc.) and worked with Primitive Entertainment to deliver an aggressive content schedule. The goal was to “lead by example” and deliver a significant audience and “hand the reins” to the Primitive Entertainment production team to maintained and grow the oaudience.  

Together the team created a promotional site from the code up; delivered content and messaging strategy; the tactical plans and implementation schedule; all the infrastructure, process and procedures to deliver the campaign.  The resulting I AM CANADIAN MADE campaign helped deliver more than 300,000 viewers to the first run of the series, three times the desired viewership targeted by the broadcaster, History Television.

Project Type: Online Promotion Planning, Website Development, Email & Social Media Marketing
Client: Primitive Entertainment/History Channel

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