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Utilising SEO

Utilising SEO to have several of your pages ranked by Google will ensure that customers value your opinion and authority on a matter. Once again, my advice is to view SEO as an investment and build up a balanced product/market that is engaging and the right one for your business.

Many people believe that ‘viral’ marketing is a well-established fact, but they are definitely wrong. Despite the popularity of social media platforms, the effective use of search engine optimisation is quite lacking.

Of course, the right combination of tools and tactics to manage your social media account will greatly benefit you, but remember that many businesses find success through nurturing their sales force and we need to do the same. As mentioned above, there is no such thing as a permanent lead and there is a finite amount of time that you have to retain an impression and maintain a customer. We should therefore always take advantage of the’must-have’ Google tools and look into them in detail so that we can retain an influential position.

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Retaining an influential position within your industry and therefore, your industry as a whole is perhaps a more important consideration than using it as a way to actively promote your business. In the case of search engines, it’s important to always strive for the highest ranking possible and maintain a good online presence with every possible means. And again, there’s a difference between a website and a campaign or a system. When you add social media and other tools to your portfolio and operate it consistently, you’re far better than those who neglect their web presence.

But beware that I’m not saying you should go out and spam for a few hours or days a week; rather, I’m saying that you should engage with your audience regularly. You’re not going to be on Google for 100 years, so treat your social media platforms like it’s going out of business: whenever you write on them or whatever you do on them, make sure that you are present. It will go a long way to building a good and engaging relationship with your audience and driving those key trust levels and thus, visits.

Remember, you are not supposed to market from your social media platforms to the fullest extent, but to the point where your customers really feel that they’re talking to you. I don’t like to tell you which tweets to leave or what articles to publish, as they can change depending on your industry and audience, but one thing is for sure a smart SEO will ensure that you are present and active on the platforms that matter, visit websites like https://victoriousseo.com/markets/small-business-seo/ and get all the details.

While you do your best to promote your business, remember to keep your business media campaign focussed to a particular purpose. If you constantly work on creating ‘organic content’ for your websites, try to follow this example:

Create one or two posts every day using every possible niche you have identified. Ask your customers to connect with you and let you know how they’ve taken your services or how they got the most out of them.

But if your business doesn’t have a social media presence, you should definitely consider adopting this rule and social networking in general. This way, you can work on your conversion rates and your funnel traffic generation and optimize your website, which will go a long way towards making your business bigger and better.

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